The First People Hospital of Fuzhou

With the continuous improvement of medical services in Jiangxi Province, JUDcare’s image has left a deep impression on Jiangxi. According to the data, JUDcare’s products have spread all over 53% of the Grade A hospitals in Jiangxi Province, with an average monthly service time of more than 300,000, which has greatly promoted the strategic development of “Healthy Jiangxi” and won wide attention from the provincial health planning commission and hospital leaders.The First People Hospital of Fuzhou

▲ Leaders are visiting the site.

On April 14, 2018, the Health Information Academic Annual Meeting of Jiangxi was closed in Fuzhou, the hometown of Tang Xianzu who is a famous talented person. Relevant leaders and experts of the Jiangxi Provincial Medical Informatics Annual Meeting came to the First People’s Hospital of Fuzhou for field visits. They also observed the light and convenient project of “Cloud Film and Image Platform” built by JUDcare on the spot, and highly praised the hospital’s new measures of using information technology to facilitate and benefit the people.

Ding Xiaoqun (director of Jiangxi Provincial Health Planning Commission) emphasized in the previous field inspection and investigation: “Information construction not only improves the work efficiency of doctors but also enables doctors to have more time to serve patients and improve patient satisfaction and trust. Virtually, the hospital has established its scientific and technological image and has truly implemented the service tenet of the people are supreme, and patients are my relatives and friends.”

Cao Ruilin (president of the First People’s Hospital of Fuzhou) introduced: “The construction of cloud film and image platform not only improves the efficiency of medical treatment in the hospital but also enables patients to enjoy convenient and efficient medical services. On the basis of self-service printing, patients can view the clouded film by scanning the QR code on the report, which brings great convenience to patients and doctors. “

The First People Hospital of Fuzhou

Cloud film and image platform is an information value-added service provided by JUDcare for the Hospital and patients. It is a favorable measure to facilitate patients to go out for medical treatment, remote diagnosis by experts, reduce repeated examinations, and the cost of medical treatment.

As JUDcare of an intelligent cloud image integration service platform, JUDcare‘s Cloud Film can also realize multi-dimensional rendering through dynamic adjustment. Its natural advantages of high definition and readability meet the diagnostic requirements of many other analytical applications, such as distance education, centralized diagnosis of images, high-end inquiry, AI intelligent assisted diagnosis, the mobile office of imaging doctors, and other rich cloud collaborative services. The strength will help the First People’s Hospital of Fuzhou build a high-quality technology-sharing telemedicine platform in the future, and form a medical and health service cluster center, which will form a new support point for the medical cause in Jiangxi provinces.

The image of Jiangxi leads the future with wisdom. Undoubtedly, the first construction of cloud film and image of the First People’s Hospital of Fuzhou has played a demonstration role, but this is only a miniature of JUDcare‘s contribution to the construction of medical informatization in Jiangxi Province. In the process of continuously promoting the information construction of new smart hospitals, we will promote the whole system of Jiangxi medical service to further optimize the service process. JUDcare’s image will rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength and make Jiangxi smart.

Above the shadow Cloud, it radiates across the country. JUDcare‘s cloud films and cloud images have now entered Jiangsu, Henan, Anhui, Hubei, Guizhou, and other regions. We believe that with the arrival of a new era, JUDcare will help more hospitals and even more cities to realize innovation-driven medical construction, and jointly start a new round of new leap and development!

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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