The First People Hospital of Chuzhou

With your fingers, registration and payment can be settled immediately and easily. Recently, the First People’s Hospital of Chuzhou has ushered in a new transformation. The full process handheld medical and intelligent self-service management smart hospital platform customized and developed by JUDcare has been fully launched, bringing an efficient and intelligent experience to patients and doctors.

As a modern  Class Ⅲ Grade Ⅰhospital, the First People’s Hospital of Chuzhou integrates medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care, rehabilitation, and first aid. In order to further promote the development of “Internet plus health care”, we have been sparing no effort in providing high-quality and efficient medical services to the public. Deeply combined with JUDcare, we have built the WeChat public account, Alipay lifestyle account, and mobile APP of the First People’s Hospital of Chuzhou to link the online and offline comprehensive payment platform and one-stop intelligent self-service terminal. The hospital is striving to build the model of Chuzhou wisdom hospital to realize the digital transformation of service and management. 

The whole process of handheld medical care is faster.
JUDcare has exclusively customized and developed the mobile three treasures of WeChat, Alipay, and APP applications in the first people’s hospital of Chuzhou by helping the hospital to expand and upgrade mobile Internet medical care. They can seamlessly connect the offline scene with the online application, provide remote appointment registration, recharge payment, personal management, etc., covering the whole process of mobile medical service before, during, and after the diagnosis. They are opening a new mobile medical service network to make the medical service faster.

All-round self-service is more convenient.

In addition to the online mobile smart service, the First People’s Hospital of Chuzhou has also vigorously introduced 66 units of JUDcare‘s one-stop intelligent terminals of silver doctors offline. These terminals are comprehensively distributed in the North District, South District, and Children’s Hospital, providing one-stop self-service functions such as applying for a card, recharge, registration, appointment registration, payment, medical insurance filing, medical insurance payment, and inquiry. Furthermore, the outpatient hall is equipped with professionals to give operation guidance on site, which greatly improves the efficiency of patients’ medical treatment and the medical environment.The First People Hospital of Chuzhou

It is worth mentioning that in this batch of one-stop bank medical device lists, besides the amazing attendance of all-around self-service terminals, the small and light-looking payment tools are warmly loved by everyone. The so-called “pay after seeing a doctor, leave after payment” refers to the intelligent terminal with small size but great wisdom. Patients don’t need to run the window to line up repeatedly, and they can easily complete the on-site payment just by the doctor’s office.

Integrated intelligent management which is easier

JUDcare’s integrated payment platform helps the First People’s Hospital of Chuzhou integrate various payment methods such as cash, UnionPay, bank direct connection system, WeChat, Alipay, etc. It provides unified payment, account checking, the printing of consolidated statements, refunds, and other multi-functional management services, resulting in refined and visual management of hospital cash flow. Besides, the platform effectively improves the settlement efficiency of the hospital and makes the hospital information construction to a higher level.

The First People Hospital of ChuzhouThe future of the smart hospital is promising. In the surging era of wisdom medical, more and more intelligent information technologies are pushing smart hospitals to make great strides. However, the full-process smart hospital model that JUDcare helped the First People’s Hospital of Chuzhou built is more in the hope of integrating the accumulated digital technology strength into the medical services of massive healths. It will highlight speed and sharpness, as well as depth and temperature, refining the essence of medical services.  We believe that in the future, JUDcare will empower more medical institutions and doctors to care for and serve patients together, making medical services more comfortable.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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