The Third People Hospital of Datong

Clear cloud vision, efficient regional image linkage, and comprehensive interpretation with 87 units of JUDcare’s intelligent soldiers are showing the convenient concept of humanized service. Recently, the Third People Hospital of Datong, Shanxi Province, together with JUDcare, has outlined a picture of efficient service of smart hospitals. Let’s take a look at how the Third People’s Hospital of Datong builds all-around patient-centered medical services with the help of intelligent means.

Health Datong and Images Firstly

Under the wave of ABC’s technological innovation (A: Artificial Intelligence, B: Big Data, C: Cloud Computing), medical images are stepping forward. Cloud film, as a new technical means, plays an important role in the development of medical images.

The Third People Hospital of Datong, Shanxi Province, grasps the trend of the times and launches JUDcare’s Cloud Film for the first time. Between online cloud service and offline image film, patients are given the full independent choice.

On the one hand, patients can view high-definition image transmission and real-time report results online by scanning the WeChat code. On the other hand, patients can print them separately, which fully reflects humanized and personalized service if they need offline films.

In addition, freedom of choice also extends to the hospital. JUDcare’s cloud film and image service meet various storage options such as public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. Based on the ability of unlimited expansion of cloud storage, they completely solve the problem of insufficient storage in the internal image system of the Third People Hospital of Datong, greatly reduce the storage cost and achieve a win-win situation between doctors and patients.

Above the cloud shadow and Regional Linkage

With the support of JUDcare’s cloud image system, the Third People Hospital of Datong has opened up the data channels of medical institutions at all levels of the city, county, and township. It constructs the regional image system under the Medical Association, forming a regional remote consultation and remote image service mode with The Third People Hospital of Datong as the core.

It is known that many hospitals have joined the Regional Image Center of the Third People Hospital of Datong. For patients in counties and districts of the Medical Association, they can enjoy the medical service of the doctor’s diagnosis report results in Grade A hospitals within 20 minutes after doing nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, CT, and radiological examination in county hospitals.The Third People Hospital of DatongIn the future, JUDcare will continue to help hospitals deepen in the fields of artificial intelligence, image intelligent diagnosis, and decision analysis, and integrate into the radiation workflow. We will strive to bring more efficient and intelligent medical imaging services.

One-stop service and benchmarking

We will spare no effort in information construction. The Third People Hospital of Datong City, as a large Grade A general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, rehabilitation, and health care, has always been at the forefront of hospital informatization construction. It will introduce 87 units of smart terminals such as JUDcare’s self-service cloud service platform and one-stop bank medical device to achieve a “one-stop service” for patients.The Third People Hospital of DatongIntelligent soldiers are distributed throughout the hospital. The integrated services of multiple banks and medical functions, such as self-service registration and payment, are fully helping the Third People Hospital of Datong to build a highly information-based intelligent hospital benchmark centered on patients. They will bring more efficient, intelligent, and convenient self-service for patients, and enhance their sense of participation.

According to statistics, since JUDcare’s intelligent terminal was put into the Third People Hospital of Datong, the cumulative number of service registrations is more than 150,000, the payment amount is more than 24.96 million and the average monthly report printing number is more than 66,000. It has achieved remarkable results and is becoming more and more popular.

The road of great health has a long way to go and the pursuit of service will never stop. It is called “Datong” to advance patient satisfaction and explore hospital construction. This is also the original intention that JUDcare has always adhered to since it joined the great health cause. We hope to use more new technologies covering imaging, AI, information, heart, blood glucose, and other medical fields to go hand in hand with more medical institutions, so that more patients can enjoy more warm medical services.

Note: The brand name CLEAR was changed to JUDcare in October 2020. Due to the requirements of brand management of the company, this supplementary statement was made. The full text was updated with the brand name of JUDcare.

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