Unicorn star, the new role of JUDcare Medical Group, you should know it

JUDcare Medical Group won the “2017 China Life and Health Industry Tomorrow Unicorn” award at the just past “2017 Second China Medical and Health Entrepreneurs” conference.

Firestone fully releases the list. Based on authoritative data such as the National Bureau of Statistics, CFDA, and key domestic and foreign publications, combined with the transaction data of industry investment institutions, the integrated research, production and marketing capabilities and the impact of technological innovation on industry aggregation are scored item by item. The list selects the advanced parks, cities, enterprises and investment institutions with the most technological advantages, resource value and development potential in China’s life and health industry.

As a leading service provider in the field of smart medical and comprehensive health solutions in China, JUDcare Medical Group has become a member of the list with its pioneering innovation in the field of comprehensive health, profound technical strength and strong development momentum in the past few years, and was interviewed after the meeting.


Firestone Creation: JUDcare Medical Grouphas become famous in the medical industry. It has developed from a new company to an industry leader. How does it explore in the medical field? Do you encounter difficulties during this time?

JUDcare Medical Group: Since its establishment, JUDcare Medical Group has focused on the medical field and has continuously cultivated in the medical and health industry with an open attitude. We have helped more than 3,000 hospitals across the country to build information-based, efficient and intelligent hospitals and comprehensively improve medical care. Based on these more than 3,000 hospitals, the service process constantly explores and meets the actual needs of the hospital and integrates technological innovation into medical construction. Regional smart medical projects are under implementation in Nanyang, Zhangjiagang, Wujin District and other regions to promote the vertical flow of high-quality resources

We have always been far ahead in improving the medical service process regarding technology and architectural design. Still, in promoting medical structure, we have also encountered some problems. Information barriers and other issues have led to the incompatibility and mismatch between the medical service system’s structure and the people’s needs for medical treatment. The entire development is subject to many constraints. JUDcare Medical Group regards these as both constraints and opportunities. Of course, it will take a long time to improve this phenomenon. Still, with the full opening of the national medical policy dividend in the future, the domestic medical information construction will also be improved day by day.

Firestone Creation: Now the medical industry faces rapid development and change, how does JUDcare Medical Group cope with this change?

JUDcare Medical Group: This is an era where the comprehensive health industry gathers. The teachers on the stage said that this was the best era, and some teachers refuted this point of view. In any case, everyone can see that the era of universal health has come. No matter how fast the medical industry develops and changes, JUDcare Medical Group always insists on not forgetting the original intention and the original intention of comprehensively exploring the medical and health field.

In addition to the core brand business of CLEAR, JUDcare Medical Group has carried out several layouts in cardiac monitoring, chronic disease management,and fields. related to people’s livelihood and comprehensive health industries. We are also exploring popular AI technology. Meanwhile we plan to build a multi-brand structure such as radiology salon and Kehu to empower the whole ecological service of medical care and health.

Our radiology salon imaging platform has gathered 100,000+ top imaging experts in China. It has become the largest doctor community platform in the vertical field of radiology in China. Imaging experts from all over the country communicate and exchange cases on it; online education for radiologists, teaching and solving doubts, exchange subject construction topics. Relying on big data, the Kehu health management platform combines intelligent hardware with the Internet, cloud computing and other technologies to comprehensively launch two overall health management solutions for remote heart monitoring and four-dimensional diabetes care, to cater to the era of universal health. We are committed to providing patients with health management services throughout the life cycle.  

Firestone Creation: Will JUDcare Medical Group change next, and what will be the focus?

JUDcare Medical Group : In addition to the original imaging and other fields, we will continue to make further efforts in the field of electrocardiography. At present, with the development of the social economy, especially the acceleration of population ageing and urbanization, the prevalence of cardiovascular disease risk factors in China has become more and more obvious. The number of patients with cardiovascular disease has continued to increase. JUDcare Medical Group’s existing remote cardiac monitoring system to achieve 24-hour real-time monitoring and early warning of dynamic ECG for emergency, outpatient, inpatient, and discharged patients. We have set up an expert doctor monitoring team to build eight remote ECG monitoring platforms and three major data centres. Patients with diseases are provided with more economical, suitable and convenient cardiac monitoring services nearby. For patients with potential and hidden cardiovascular diseases, remote ECG monitoring reduces their diagnosis and treatment costs and guarantees their life safety in real-time.

For hospitals, the establishment of a remote ECG monitoring platform to realize the whole process of screening, monitoring, first aid and rehabilitation services can enhance the value and social influence of the hospital; for regions, the establishment of an ECG regional platform has opened up provincial a healthy channel from municipal hospitals to primary medical institutions to patients’ families, to achieve the sharing of high-quality medical resources, and to improve the level of cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment comprehensively.

Firestone Creation: As the unicorn of tomorrow, the future development of JUDcare Medical Group must have unpredictable prospects. What are your expectations for the future of JUDcare Medical Group ?

JUDcare Medical Group: to be proud, I think we are already unicorns or have unicorn genes. Patients provide corresponding services such as health management, report inquiry, medical consultation, data analysis, etc. We hope to enhance the information and sense of participation of patients in treatment and meet the needs of the construction and management of personal health records of the general public.

We have many methods or tools to mine, store, analyze and apply data. I believe that in the future, with the continuous improvement of my country’s legal system, data applications will become more subdivided and diversified. With the continuous improvement of data sharing and openness, JUDcare Medical Group More profound changes will be ushered in. Efforts will be made to become a high-quality personal health data platform.

Based on the present and looking to the future, it is believed that JUDcare Medical Group Medical will further drive the development of the medical and health industry in the new round of roles.


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