Work Together To Achieve A Win-win Future

Work together to achieve a win-win future. The invincible sales training for the JUDcare HIT division was successfully held at the headquarters in Shenzhen city on March 27-29, 2021. This training session was practical, referential, and wonderful. Through more than 20 product knowledge and sales strategy training, as well as scenario-based simulation exercises and assessments, it helped more than 70 national sales and distributors to improve their business knowledge and master the ability to solve customer needs and respond to market development. Methods and skills to help personal growth and the achievement of the company’s strategic goals.

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In the training meeting on March 27, Mr. Zhao Zhiqiang (JUDcare CEO) made a specch about “Group’s future planning requirements and expectations of HIT “. He said that “JUDcare Group attached great importance to the development of informatization, and we would firmly follow the path of providing medical informatization. The future potential development of medical informatization was very large, and it was correct for everyone to choose to follow this path”. He emphasized that in order to stand out in the fierce market competition, it was necessary to have a strong degree of professionalism. He hoped that everyone would study earnestly and obtain great gains.

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In the product knowledge training session, Mr. Chen Peng (HIT Product Development Director) and many other lecturers explained the company’s latest software products, hardware products and composite projects in a simple way through product explanations, successful case sharing, student interaction, and Q&A solution. It made students to fully and profoundly master the core knowledge of the product.

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After the product knowledge training, there was sales support training that included business policy processes and how to cooperate with the delivery project. It provided strong support and guarantee for the sales team.

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During the intensive training gap, Mr. Long Han (General Manager of HIT Division) shared with everyone his understanding of JUDcare’s core values of achieving customers, solving problems, embracing change, continuous growth, and responsible persons, and took the stories around him as examples. Told everyone how to practice core values and the significance of carrying out work under the guidance of core values. It not only deepened everyone’s understanding, but also set an example for everyone through excellent examples, injected spiritual strength into the team, and made the entire team to unite, constantly challenge themselves, and continue to grow.

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In the sales project review and sales strategy discussion, sales representatives shared their successful cases and lost orders, and extracted lessons with everyone. Ms. Li Shuang, (Director of HIT Sales Center) conducted spot checks on the sales strategies of each district, and demonstrated and shared the problems of the spot checks. Finally, Mr. Yin Dejun, (Deputy General Manager of the HIT Business Department) carried out sales strategy training and seminars about the success or failure factors of major projects and the steps of major project strategy analysis.

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On March 19th, 2021, after a full assessment of the scene of simulation exercises, a signing ceremony of sales mission and awards ceremony was held. The annual sales mission in a major area was confirmed. JUDcare awarded the annual sales elite and outstanding trainees in the training period.

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Work together to achieve a win-win future. The HIT Division of Juding Medical will continue to pay attention to and support the growth of the sales team, and through various training and team building activities, help sales staff to improve their own capabilities, and continuously enhance the team’s cohesion, execution, and sense of belonging. Embracing change and continuous growth, let us look forward to these outstanding sales elites, who will make greater contributions to the HIT division and the development of the group with better results.

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