Medical X-ray Radiography Imaging Thermal Film Camera


JUDcare (The previous brand was CLEAR) provides a high-resolution tabletop medical X-ray radiography imaging thermal film camera (369-3(4)). The service life of 369-3(4) is similar to some laser imagers. The most cost-effective and eco-friendly thermal film imager with compact size, superior printing speed, and full-sized coverage meets all kinds of radiology printing needs. The incorporated leading Toshiba printing technology, aerospace-level electromechanical control, and precise wind-control film-transmitting systems assure the most reliable, stable, and persistent imaging hardcopy output solution.

  369-3 369-4
Spatial Resolution 320dpi 508dpi
Grayscale Contrast Resolution 12bits 14bits


Basic Parameters

● Film Transferring: Pick-up;

● Network Protocols: DICOM connection;

● Media: Thermal film(C1);

● Media Sizes: 8×10in, 10×12in, 11×14in, 14×17in;

● Media Inputs: 2 supply cassettes, 100 sheets each;

● Throughput: About 60 sheets/hour for 14×17in.


● Print Technology: Direct thermal(dry, daylight safe operation);

● Maximum Density: ≥ 3.0D;

● Throughput: About 60 sheets/hour for 14×17in;

● Application Fields: X-ray, CT, MRI, etc.;

● Engine Dimensions: 810mm(L)×526mm(W)×500mm(H).


★ Compact design to meet all kinds of printing needs;

★ Stable and super-persistent printing head capable of about 50,000 printing times;

★ Two trays to realize different printing sizes at the same time;

★ Eco-friendly silver halide-free printing;

★ Supreme Toshiba printing technology;

★ Aerospace-level electromechanical control system.