Medical Imaging Technology Manufacturing Company

Shenzhen Juding Medical Co., Ltd. (Called JUDcare for short, the same below, the previous brand was CLEAR) was founded in 2008, that is a pioneer high-tech medical imaging technology manufacturing company in the field of medical self-service systems and intelligent medical health care solutions in China.
JUDcare develops a complete radiography product line including digital radiography, flat panel detectors, medical film printers, medical color films, thermal films, medical dry films, and medical laser films, X-ray film viewers, CLEAR specified ink, JUDcare mini-PACS, and JUDcare Dicom software as well as medical management systems, like B2C medical data cloud web, intelligent self-service terminal, medical information, and external printing contracts.
For over 12 years, JUDcare has been focusing on improving medical health care from the period of electronic storage to the mobile medical ecosystem. Considering the future of medical imaging, JUDcare has built an ecological closed circle connecting medical imaging systems with AI radiology technology.


JUDcare owns a large technology R&D center, two advanced production bases, and a ‘dream team’ with more than 1,400 employees, established a perfect R&D, production, marketing, and service network. JUDcare's products and services now cover more than 3,500 hospitals in 30 provinces across China including Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, Henan Province People’s Hospital, and other 650 large tertiary hospitals. and over 50 countries & regions around the world.

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2020: The annual sales of medical dry film is nearly 20 million square meters, with customers in more than 3,500 hospitals and more than 50 countries. JUDcare has completed its pre-ipo preparations and is on its way to going public.


2012: JUDcare developed medical dry films and medical color films, which quickly occupied the Chinese market and became the leading domestic enterprises in the medical film market.

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A service team with more than 1,400 people, dedicated themselves to create a benefit based, innovative and shared mobile ecosystem. From 0 to 1, JUDcare insists on its originality and fight its way. Relying on plenty of its own research and development, marketing, production, and service network, JUDcare continue to lead the development trend of the medical and health industry. Hope that the use of information technology will subvert the traditional medical system, to provide patients with more intelligent, effective and convenient services.

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Founded in 2014, Nanyang Clear Science and Technology Co., Ltd.(Called Nanyang CLEAR for short, the same below) is a high-tech enterprise committed to R&D, production, sales & services for medical self-service terminals & solutions and medical films in China. Located in Nanyang city, Henan province, Nanyang CLEAR's factory has more than 18,000 square meters of land equipped with a 10,000-level purification workshop and with 12 million square meters annual production volume for medical films. The third 10,000-level purification new production line is also going to put into operation.

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